Work to begin next week on Red Rock project transmission line

Dec 31, 2015

Work to begin next week on Red Rock project transmission line

Crews will begin working next week to clear foliage in preparation for construction of an electric transmission line that will run about 4.5 miles from the Red Rock Hydroelectric Project to the Pella West Substation. The line is necessary to get power from the hydroelectric plant, which is under construction at the Red Rock Dam, to a point where it can be distributed.

The transmission line will run along Highway T15 northward until it reaches G-28 and then will run eastward along Fifield Road to West 11th Street in Pella where it will run northward to the substation.

The entire 69-kilovolt line will be in the public right-of-way, except where overhang or pole placement easements have been obtained from land owners, and will include single-pole structures with no guy wires.

Missouri River Energy Services, which is building the Red Rock Hydroelectric Project, plans to have the transmission portion of the project completed by spring 2016. The hydroelectric plant itself is expected to be completed and operational by spring 2018.

When it is completed, the plant will be capable of providing enough clean, renewable hydroelectricity to supply the electrical needs of about 18,000 homes.

Missouri River Energy Services is an organization of 60 member municipalities, including Pella, in the states of Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. Each member owns and operates a local electric distribution utility.