T15 now open to traffic

Feb 16, 2015

T15 now open to traffic

Highway T-15 is now reopened to traffic, according to officials involved in the construction of a hydroelectric project at the site of the Red Rock Dam.

However, there will continue to be intermittent short-duration closures as workers move large rebar cages to the construction site. Those rebar cages will serve as the internal structure of an earth retaining wall on the upstream face of the dam. The retaining wall will be located adjacent to and upstream of the water intake structure for the hydroelectric project’s powerhouse and will allow water to be channeled into the intake structure.

The intermittent road closures will occur between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. every three or four days until work on the retaining wall is completed. There also will be times during that wall’s construction when traffic on the road will be limited to a single lane. “Completion of that wall depends on many factors including weather and Lake Red Rock water levels and inflows,” said Joni Livingston, director of Member Services and Communications for Missouri River Energy Services (MRES), the wholesale electric utility that is building the project . “Because of that, we can’t predict how long the work will take, but we will make every effort to keep people up to date as it progresses.”

Throughout the project’s construction period, a 35-mile-per-hour speed limit will be imposed on the section of T-15 near and across Red Rock Dam.

For more information about the Red Rock Hydroelectric Project, visit the project website at