Safety concerns mean access is restricted in hydroelectric project construction areas

Mar 23, 2015

Safety concerns mean access is restricted in hydroelectric project construction areas

Fishermen and others are reminded to refrain from entering restricted areas near the Red Rock Dam where construction of a new hydroelectric power plant is under way. “The safety of the public as well as the construction workers is a primary concern for everyone involved in the project,” said Missouri River Energy Services (MRES) Director of Member Services and Communications Joni Livingston. MRES is building the Red Rock Hydroelectric Project.

The general contractor for the project, Ames Construction of Burnsville, Minn., plans to finish work next week on a cellular cofferdam that is designed to keep water out of the site during construction of the powerhouse on the downstream side of the Red Rock Dam. Once that work is completed, workers will begin to install sheeting for a 335-foot closure dike that will connect the cofferdam to the land. Both the cofferdam and the closure dike are temporary structures that will be removed when all of the construction at the site is completed.

Crews continue to work day and night and short-term rolling road closures continue to occur every several days in the overnight hours as large rebar cages are moved from the North Tailwater staging area to the construction area on the upstream side of the Dam.

MRES serves 61 member municipally owned utilities in the states of Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. The Red Rock Hydroelectric Project, when operational, will produce enough electricity to serve about 18,000 homes and it will be the second largest hydroelectric facility in the State of Iowa.

For more information, contact Joni Livingston at MRES, phone: 605-338-4042; email: or visit the project website at