RRHP construction continues despite water levels

Jul 02, 2015

RRHP construction continues despite water levels

Recent rain storms throughout central and southern Iowa have caused the Red Rock reservoir to rise 12 feet over a six-day period in late June to an elevation on July 1 of about 770 feet. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) has not increased the release of water through the Red Rock Dam during this period, causing the reservoir level to rise to its current level. The 770-foot water level represents 60 percent of Red Rock Lake’s flood storage capacity. 

Increased water levels have not hampered work at the Red Rock Hydroelectric Project (RRHP). Construction crews at RRHP are closely watching the reservoir levels to prepare for action in the event that water levels could interfere with site work. Just before the heavy rains, upstream work was completed at the 760-foot elevation and a new work platform was built at an elevation of 781 feet. 

At a reservoir level of 775 feet, USACE would begin to increase the release of water through the dam. The USACE operates the Red Rock Dam for purposes of flood control independent of RRHP construction. Increased releases could impact RRHP construction and crews are prepared to react very quickly to changing conditions if and when they occur. However, the forecast indicates that the water level has reached its peak and should start a slow decline within the next few days. 

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