Des Moines River, about 2.5 miles southwest of Pella, Iowa

Size of Dam

Length is 5,676 feet; height is 110 feet

Energy Production

178,000 megawatt-hours (estimated annual average)

Energy Sources

43% of our members’ energy comes from federal hydroelectricity, wind, and solar.

Investing in the


Missouri River Energy Services (MRES) is developing a new hydroelectric facility that will add to our members’ renewable resource portfolio, and will help meet the growing energy needs of our members and their customers.

The Red Rock Hydroelectric Project (RRHP) is licensed at 36.4 megawatts (MW) of electricity, or enough energy to meet the needs of about 18,000 homes. It will be operational in 2020.


RRHP work resumes upstream as waters recede;  Lake Red Rock 50th anniversary celebrated

Aug 06, 2019

Work on the Red Rock Hydroelectric Project has resumed on the upstream side of Red Rock Dam as water levels have receded. Those levels were more than 774 feet above sea level as of June 1, but have since dropped below the level of the upstream work platform.

Work continues on the downstream side of the dam. Final equipment installation, verification, and equipment checks are in full swing and the switchyard, located between the dam and the powerhouse, is nearly complete.

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RRHP work progressing downstream; still on hold upstream due to high water levels

Jul 02, 2019

Progress on the intake structure at Red Rock Hydroelectric Project (RRHP) remains on hold on the upstream side of the dam due to elevated water levels on Lake Red Rock.

Water levels were more than 756.6 feet above sea level as of June 28. These levels need to drop to about 748 feet before upstream work can resume. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) estimates that the 748-foot level could be reached July 8.

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